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Don’t be such a poser. Satyananda yoga is a gentle form of yoga that includes breath work, poses and meditation. However, unlike other forms of yoga, it places more emphasis on developing deep awareness than on the poses themselves. Give Satyananda a go to relax your body and mind and eradicate the effects of stress – leaving you feeling focused and free of tension. Sounds like just what we need...

How does it work?

During a yoga class you will be taught postures designed to develop your body’s strength and flexibility, in addition to basic breathing techniques that can enhance your mental well-being. You will also be taught meditation to help you develop clarity of mind – think of it as a mental detox. It’s best to wear loose, comfortable clothing for your yoga class. You may also be required to bring along a yoga mat, although many teachers can provide you with one for your first session.

Is it for me?

Satyananda yoga can be effective at relaxing both body and mind. It can also help you to become toned and lean, although many practitioners see this goal as secondary to achieving self knowledge and awareness. We can think of worse side-effects...

Satyananda yoga can be practised by pregnant women – make sure you inform your instructor of your condition so that they can help you devise a session that is right for you. Gentler versions of classes are also available for those whose medical conditions prevent them from doing some of the ordinary poses.

Good to know

Satyananda yoga was founded by Indian guru Swami Satyananda Saraswati.

Satyananda postures are practised with the eyes closed, in order to help direct awareness inwards.

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