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Turn up the heat. Samba is a sizzling Brazilian dance which also has its roots in African tradition. Performed to electrifying Brazilian beats, samba dancing provides a lively aerobic workout that’s great for keeping fit and having plenty of fun while you’re at it.

How does it work?

Classes begin with an aerobic warm up session to get the body nice and loose and prevent any strains or injuries. The instructor will then teach you the basic steps in time to some rhythmic Brazilian music. As you become more skilled, the steps will become more complicated and the music more fast-paced, until you’re ready to rival the Rio de Janeiro carnival dancers themselves. It’s important to wear something comfortable for your samba class – a t-shirt and tracksuit with trainers is ideal, although some instructors might prefer you to dance bare foot.

Is it for me?

Samba is performed by both men and women. Many samba dances are partner dances, although solo samba can also be performed so there’s no need to be shy.

Don’t underestimate the energy required for a samba workout! Samba dancing is fast and requires stamina, but on the plus side it will have you fighting fit and toned in no time.

Good to know

Different forms of samba include samba reggae, samba rock and ballroom samba. Samba rock is a playful form of samba often found in Latin American night clubs.

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