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City dwellers needn’t do all their surfing on the web. The Roxy Beach Body Workout is a new group class based on the moves that pro-surfers use in their exercise regimes which promises to tone up the tubbiest of bums and tums. Gnarly.

How does it work?

The 45 minute classes have been constructed around ‘the pop up’- the move executed when surfers jump from a paddling position (lying flat on their boards) to an upright stance in preparation for carving up a totally awesome bombie (er, ‘surfing the wave’).

Several stations are dotted about the room where different exercises that target specific parts of the body are carried out; a set up similar to regular circuit training. Things kick off with an aerobic warm up, before the class splits and divides themselves between the stations that all aim to test the four components of strength, balance, flexibility and power:

#Push ups and leg raises to test the lifting power of your arms, legs and core muscles.

BOSU (‘both sides up’) balance trainer exercises, including lunges and sit ups which utilise the added instability workout provided by the half Swiss ball-like dome.

ViPR (‘Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning’) tube moves. The weighted rubber tube is alternately carried, dragged, stood on and rolled to stretch and work muscles that can’t be reached when using gym machines.

#The fabled ‘pop up’ practice for building explosive core power. A gym mat becomes your surfboard as you repeat the move over and over and then try to hold the universally feared, ab-busting ‘plank’ position for as long as possible.

After 60 seconds at each station, you move on to the next, repeating the cycle several times but with slightly tweaked exercises to keep things fresh. Once all of your muscles have been pushed to their limits, the class regroups and performs a warm-down consisting of yoga stretches set to a chilled out soundtrack. Sweet.

Is it for me?

The Roxy Beach Body workout provides great all-round exercise for both surfers and non-surfers alike and is particularly good at targeting the inner core muscles that other routines often miss. You have to be prepared to work reasonably hard, but it means you’ll be rewarded with toned arms, legs, a flatter stomach and a pert posterior. Pretty rad, huh?

Pregnant women or those who are recovering from a caesarean should probably avoid this treatment as it involves a lot of intense burst of movement and may harm abdominal muscles. Those with long term heart, joint or respiratory conditions should also consult their doctor before signing up for Roxy Beach Body classes.

Good to know...

Surfing originated in the Pacific Islands as a part of ancient Polynesian culture. Known as he'enalu in the Hawaiian language, riders used hollowed out tree trunk sections instead of boards. The practice was first observed by Europeans in 1767.

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