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Chuck out your crystal ball. Psychic love coaching is an alternative therapy that combines the psychic readings of a medium with personal exploration to help you to discover your inner attitudes and feelings. It’s designed to help you to make positive changes in the way you live, love and draw out your creative juices.

How does it work?

If you’re expecting a candlelit séance with Mystic Meg, love coaching might disappoint you. There are no smoke-and-mirrors theatrics; instead it’s about breaking down emotional barriers and proactively improving your confidence. There are two elements, which are closely tied together, used to make these changes: the psychic and the psychological.

Often a psychic love coach will begin a session by taking a psychic reading, either with cards or by reading your aura. This is aimed to help them gain a greater understanding of your current emotional status.

The psychological aspect kicks in when you start discussing your past experiences with relationships. Your therapist will ask you very frank questions in the hope of uncovering your subconscious attitudes and the mental stumbling blocks that are holding you back.

A session with a psychic coach will usually last between 30 minutes to an hour. You will also have ‘homework’ to complete in between sessions, which could involve further soul-searching, such as listing your love goals, writing down negative feelings (ready to be tackled in the next session) and repeating mantras. By facing up to your emotional shortcomings and drumming in positive changes, psychic love coaching aims to give you a new way of looking at yourself, harnessing your creativity and, of course, get the confident, positive attitude you need to get out there and find your soul mate.

Is it for me?

If you suspect you might be turning a deaf ear to your inner feelings, walking all over your intuition or letting your commitment phobia rule your love life, psychic love coaches claim to be able to help you to face up to those and other subconscious processes. It’s also said to be able to help people who are suffering from a lack of creativity. So, if you've got writer's block or your brush has gone dry (so to speak), it could be the treatment for you.

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