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Pre-birth Acupuncture description

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Is the pitter patter of tiny feet getting closer? Pre-birth acupuncture helps to prepare the body and mind for labour, ensuring as comfortable an experience as possible. By managing pregnancy symptoms, prepping the pelvis and cervix and encouraging relaxation, this form of acupuncture ensures that you’ll be in optimum condition when the apple of your eye decides to make an appearance. In fact, you’ll probably be calmer than Dad...

How does it work?

Pre-birth acupuncture is carried out during the third trimester of pregnancy, and is used both to alleviate any uncomfortable pregnancy-related symptoms and to prepare the pelvis and cervix for delivery. It is often practised alongside other holistic therapies, including nutritional advice, herbal medicine and massage. Well, you might as well make sure you’re feeling your best as you get ready to meet your new bundle of joy...

Acupuncture targets specific points on the body, using thin needles to boost energy, aid relaxation and soften tendons and ligaments. It is recommended that mums-to-be receive this treatment from week 36 to week 40 in order to gain maximum benefit. In the case of a delayed birth, acupuncture can also be administered daily to help speed things up a bit.

Is it for me?

Pre-birth acupuncture treatments may be able to:

  • Ease the discomfort of day to day symptoms related to pregnancy, such as heartburn, nausea, constipation, swelling and back pain
  • Aid cervical dilation
  • Help cope with anxiety
  • Turn the baby if it is in breech position
  • Prepare the body for birth and the pelvis for labour
  • Reduce the length of labour
  • Reduce the likelihood of medical intervention

Good to know

Pre-birth acupuncture is particularly popular in New Zealand, where research has shown that women who receive this treatment are more likely to go into spontaneous labour around their due date, or to move efficiently into natural labour following induction.

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