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Go with the flow. Prana flow is a style of yoga developed by American yoga practitioner Shiva Rea. Based on traditional forms of yoga, Prana Flow also incorporates elements of music, the visual arts, poetry and philosophy in order to create a deeper experience. Prana Flow can help you to cultivate inner and outer strength and fluidity whilst becoming calm, relaxed and focussed – making it a great way to take time out from the pressures of a stressful life.

How does it work?

Prana Flow classes place great importance on both breathing and rhythm. A class typically begins with chanting, which is then followed by sequences of poses. These poses may include standing poses, arm balances, back bends, forward bends and twists – all of which will help to keep you nice and limber.

Emphasis is also placed on group synchronisation during Prana Flow. You will be encouraged to pay attention to the group dynamic during a session by moving in sequence with the others and synchronising your breath. All together now...

Is it for me?

A Prana Flow class typically involves lots of energetic movement, so may not be suitable for people with injuries. However, Prana Flow poses can be modified - speak to your instructor to see if they can help you devise a session that’s right for you.

Many practitioners run prenatal Prana Flow classes to help women improve the suppleness of their bodies and learn breathing techniques to help cope with labour. Practising Prana Flow after the birth can also help you to restore strength to your core muscles and get some much needed relaxation.

Prana Flow classes are set to music and an extensive variety of postures, making this form of yoga good for fidgety types who get bored easily.

Good to know

Some of the yoga styles that Prana Flow is inspired by include ashtanga yoga, tantric yoga, vinyasa yoga and bikram yoga.

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