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Get ready for some good vibrations. Closely related to the popular Power Plate, the PowerBIKE incorporates acceleration training and vibration training to help you work your muscles even harder. It also has the ability to mimic different types of terrain, meaning that it can be a useful piece of equipment for professional cyclists as well as an effective way for us non-athletes to keep fit. Clever, no?

How does it work?

The PowerBIKE doesn’t need to be plugged in – it’s nice and energy efficient, so uses your pedal power to generate the vibrations. If you want to use the PowerBIKE as a traditional exercise bike too there’s no problem – you can turn the vibration function on or off whenever you like.

The vibrations of the bike help to step up your exercise regime by increasing muscle activity in the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. They also activate the stretch reflex of the muscles, helping you to cope with increased intensity during your workout – which can only be a good thing.

Is it for me?

The PowerBIKE is great for cyclists who want to practise their sport whatever the weather, but it’s not just for bike buffs - it can also help with weight loss and general fitness.

The PowerBIKE has been carefully designed to help minimise strain on the joints, so could be particularly useful if you enjoy cycling but tend to find it leaves you with a few aches and pains.

Good to know

Dutch professional cycling team Rabobank Cycling have used the PowerBIKE as part of their training since 2010 and claim that the machine has helped them to significantly up their game.

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