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Twist and twirl your way to a fit, toned body. If you're looking for a fun and unusual way of getting in shape, then pole dancing could be for you. A fitness fad which incorporates performing dance movements and gymnastics around a vertical pole, pole dancing has moved on from being associated with strip clubs and is now recognized as a trendy exercise which can help you get strong and supple with a smile.

How does it work?

Pole dancing involves dancing and performing various moves around a vertical pole, increasing upper body strength and building resistance, and giving your body a full workout as you do it. Many classes are held around the country in gyms and dance studios, as well as bars and nightclubs, giving you the excuse to party and put your moves to the test after your lesson. Most teachers offer courses you can sign up for, and weekly classes range from beginners to advanced levels so whether you're a pro on the pole or you're a nervous novice, you can find a group to suit you.

If you're a complete beginner, classes usually begin with a warm up followed by learning some basic tricks, and by the end of the class many of your new found skills are put to the test with music to create a whole dance routine. Trainers, shorts and a T-shirt are all you need to wear to hit the pole and get ready to strut your stuff. For a more light-hearted lesson, pole dancing parties are popular for celebrating hen nights and birthdays while learning the latest pole positions – perfect for a night to remember.

Is it for me?

If you want an all-over workout without your traditional hours on the cross trainer at the local gym, then pole dancing could be the way forward. Pole dancing is suitable for both men and women of all abilities, and offers a fun way to get fit and flexible. More sociable than a gym session, pole dancing gets rid of those bingo wings and builds stamina in an exciting and challenging way.

Good To Know

If you think you're on your way to becoming a pole dancing pro, there are now competitions being held regularly up and down the country to showcase your skills.

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