Permanent and Semi-Permanent Makeup Treatments

Also known as:

Eyebrow Tattoo, Microblading, Semi Permanent Mascara

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If you want a flawless finish without the fuss, you might want to consider semi-permanent makeup. Perfect for those who want to shave time off their beauty routine, or suffer with allergies to conventional makeup, this cosmetic treatment works by inserting micropigments into the skin. The most common services requested include microblading, lip contour, permanent eyeliner, beauty spots and freckles. Hassle-free, smudge-proof and totally glam, what’s not to love?

What to expect?

After an initial session to discuss your expectations from micropigmentation, it’s on to treatment day. This is where you can do all the exciting stuff like pick your desired colours and contours (we suggest bringing your favourite lip liner or brow pencil as a guide). Once that’s done, a cosmetic pen is applied to create a template for the procedure. No worries if you’re not totally happy first time round, as he or she will continue to make adjustments until you’re fully satisfied. The procedure itself isn’t painful but anaesthetic creams are used beforehand and throughout treatment to keep you nice and comfortable. It might be a good idea to book some time off work as there is the chance of slight swelling or redness on the area. The treated area will also appear darker and more exact immediately after the treatment, but will lighten and soften over a few days.

Know before you go

  • How long will it take? About one to two hours, usually, depending on what is required.
  • Over that time the colour will fade and break down, therefore it’s suggested to return to the clinic between every 18 months to two years for a top up procedure, to keep the look complete and fresh.
  • Based on skin type and lifestyle, permanent and semi-permanent makeup can last for several years to a decade!

The sciencey stuff

Permanent or semi-permanent makeup otherwise known as micropigmentation is a process whereby hypoallergenic pigments (this means there are no fragrances or other ingredients added) are inserted into the dermal layer (lower layer) of the skin, usually using a needle. This makes it stay put all day, every day without smudging or wearing off. So, whether you’re taking a dip in the pool or splashing about at the beach, there’s no need to worry about it exposing your au naturale look.

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