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Penazzling description

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Male fans of a bit of bling- why let girls have all the fun? If you think you can stand a few quick pangs of discomfort in the pursuit of some playfully placed sparkles, then you may want to dabble in penazzling…

How does it work?

Just like its precursor, vajazzling, penazzling involves a brisk below-the-belt waxing session and the application of several small Swarovski crystals in a design of your choice on the newly exposed and completely hairless skin. As the name suggests, penazzling is strictly one for the guys, with the crystals being carefully placed above their very own 'crown jewels'.

Having waxed the area, allowed you to regain your composure and waited for any irritation to subside a little, the beautician performing the treatment then cleanses and dries the skin to remove any remaining traces of wax. Crystals are then applied directly from a sheet in a pre-made design or individually using tweezers (if you've opted for a more unique or complex design).

Therapists rely on a strong adhesive (no, not Superglue- think the stuff used by make up artists and bedazzled dancers before they hit the stage) and the customer's body heat to attach the stones, which typically last between five and seven days. Bear in mind that any, er, friction and sweat as a result of strenuous activity can cause the gems to come loose, so athletes and the like should be aware that their lifestyle may mean their jewelled junk fails to go the distance.

Is it for me?

If you have a low pain threshold or are a little on the shy side, then the 'Sultan' waxing element (where you are naked from the waist down whilst all the the hair in the vicinity is removed) may mean that penazzling is not for you. However, if you are a bit of an extrovert or exhibitionist, enjoy body art want and want to surprise a loved one next time you flash a little flesh, then penazzling may be able to add the final glittering flourish to your grooming routine.

Good to know...

The first photographic documentation of penazzling was seen on, where their brave volunteer decided to go with a fairly subtle red lips design.

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