Past Life Regression Therapy

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Have a look behind you. You know what you were doing last night, last week, last year even, but do you know what you were up to in the 14th century? Although past life regression therapy as it is practiced today first began to be developed in the 1950s, the idea isn’t a new one. Ancient texts such as the Indian Uphanishads reveal that people have long believed in the reincarnation of the soul and the possibility of recovering memories from a previous life. Today, many believe that such memories can be used to provide insight into a person’s current life, and to help people better understand their relationships and the world around them.

How does it work?

Past life regression therapists use hypnosis as a tool for accessing memories not usually available to the conscious mind. There may be many different memories to uncover, so a session typically lasts for a couple of hours. Clients are put in to a deep relaxing state of hypnosis and are then prompted by a series of questions and techniques designed to help them begin to explore past lives. The role of the therapist is to guide, rather than to control the session – this allows details of the most relevant past life to emerge.

Once details of a previous life have been revealed, therapists then use these to help a client resolve issues in their current lives. Some therapists believe that reliving trauma from a past life can be helpful in resolving problems, so the therapy can be a very emotional experience. The therapist attempts to help the client move forward with a greater understanding of the world around them, unburdened by events from the past.

Is it for me?

It’s believed by some practitioners that past life regression therapy is helpful in overcoming phobias, as these may stem from events that took place in a previous life.

This therapy may appeal most to those who believe in reincarnation, but it has been suggested that a belief in past lives is not obligatory. Even if you don’t take the memories literally, as symbolic stories they can still have therapeutic value.

Some people may be interested in past life regression therapy as a means of resolving issues in their current life; others may just be curious about what they could discover. Who knows – you could have been Marilyn Monroe in a previous incarnation!

Good to know

It is said that some people who have undergone past-life regression have found themselves able to speak a completely different language when in a trance state.

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