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Are your lumps more like bumps - your figure less hour-glass and more upturned mushroom? Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that now you can even things out with a revolutionary new breast enhancement procedure dubbed the ‘two-in-one.’ Breast enhancement is a fat transfer procedure that will take that unwanted ballast from your bottom half and put in your boobs - putting you back on kilter and ready to cruise...

How Does it Work?

It sounds almost too good to be true doesn’t it? After all it’s the age old fantasy - ‘if only I could have the fat from my bum injected into by boobs!’ Well it seems that the gods of cosmetic surgery have been listening. Breast enhancement was first developed in France and after an incredibly successful run there and subsequently in the US it is now available in the UK – hooray! Now while the procedure cannot credibly be called ‘natural’ it does work with your own body fats, which means that the results are natural feeling and looking.

Surgeons claim that the two-in-one procedure is the most effective way of achieving a natural looking breast augmentation whilst additionally shifting unwanted body fat leading to a sleeker, shapelier body contour. The procedure is performed under general anaesthetic, and four weeks prior to your op, every evening, you will need to wear a specially designed vacuum bra to get your assets ready. Following the procedure you will need to wear the bra for one week to make sure that your new boobs are fully supported.

Is it for Me?

It is advised that breast enhancement is most suitable for women who have had their families and who are now looking to regain their figure using their own natural body fat. After a five year trial in France and the US, reports show that the results of the surgery are both natural looking and long lasting. As the procedure uses your own body fat, it is also considered safer than implants.

Breast enhancement is not advised for people who are satisfied with their lower bodies and of course, it is not possible for those with little body fat. The procedure cannot generally provide more than a three cup increase, so if you’re looking for Pamela Anderson-esque balloon boobs then you’ll need to resort to implants. And then of course there are those vacuum bras – don’t expect any bedroom action for a while!

Good to Know

Many celebrities have already flocked to Harley Street for breast enhancemet, namely TV star Ulrika Johnson. Ulrika recently spent £8,000 on mastoplexy after the birth of her fourth child, claiming that the procedure gave her back her sixteen year old body!

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