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Get ready to mix it up. The Nalini Method combines elements of Pilates, yoga, ballet, aerobics and resistance training to create a new and dynamic workout that is all about getting results. The Method aims to help people achieve physical well-being and mental focus within a positive and energised setting.

How does it work?

Nalini Method classes typically last for an hour. Classes are taught in a group setting, but numbers are limited so that the instructor can give everybody one-on-one attention. Participants are able to take exercises at their own pace, but also benefit from the motivational high of being part of a group.

The Nalini Method combines elements from different areas of exercise and uses props such as weights, mats, exercise balls and resistance bands to increase fitness and improve mental focus and concentration. The equipment is provided, so all you have to do is turn up with a positive attitude and a good dose of perseverance (no one said it would be easy!).

Is it for me?

The Nalini Method aims to:

Sculpt the physique Lengthen muscles Enhance flexibility and balance Improve endurance and energy Strengthen core muscles Increase bone density Increase body awareness Improve posture

Rupa Mehta, founder of the Nalini Method, wanted to design a form of exercise that was accepting of everyone. The Nalini Method is therefore suitable for everybody, regardless of age, size or ability.

The varied nature of the exercises that make up the Nalini Method make it perfect for people who get bored easily, or who fancy trying something a bit different.

Good to know

The Nalini Method is named after Rupa Mehta’s mother, who she says is an incredibly accepting person.

The Method has been featured in Vogue, Oprah and Fitness magazines, and was voted ‘Top Workout’ by the NY Post.

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