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Get into gear. Bored with [[treatment/biking/| cycling]] in the city? Mountain biking takes place off-road on uneven terrain, and includes cross country and trail riding for a more challenging experience. Ready to develop your stamina, strength and balance? Hang on to those handle bars – you’re in for a rough ride...

How does it work

Whether you are interested in going it alone and adventuring across tricky terrain, or showing off your skills in a trial or slalom, there’s a type of mountain biking out there to suit all avid riders. Cross country biking is a particularly popular form, in which people travel across challenging terrain with plenty of uphill climbs and downward descents. Also popular but rather different is urban mountain biking or freestyle BMX, in which riders perform tricks and focus on style and execution. Wheelie, anyone?

To get into mountain biking you’ll need the right type of bike. Mountain bikes are specially developed to ensure good durability and performance on rough terrain. We’re sorry, but taking a Boris Bike off-road just isn’t going to cut it...

You’ll also need to make sure you’ve got the necessary protective gear and emergency supplies – you don’t want to do yourself a nasty injury.

Is it for me

You’ll need to be made of tough stuff if you plan to take up mountain biking as a hobby. Not only will you require a higher level of fitness than your average cyclist, but you’ll also have to be pretty self sufficient when out and about. Knowing how to mend a flat tyre is a must if you don’t fancy a night spent in the middle of nowhere...

Good to know

Fancy even more of a challenge? Why not try mountain bike orienteering, a combination sport which demands nifty navigational skills as well as some serious stamina.

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Go on, show us a wheelie. Biking is, quite simply, the use of bicycles for sport. Riding a bike can help to improve fitness and cardiovascular health, as well as assisting with weight loss and toning the body. Through biking, your journey to work could double up as your daily workout – it doesn’t get much more efficient than that.