Mole Removal

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Don’t make a mountain out of it. Mole, wart or skin tag removal is a small surgical operation that can make huge difference to your self confidence.

How does it work?

If you have a conspicuous raised mole or skin tag that you would like removed, the first thing to do is see your NHS doctor. If your growth is in a place where it catches on clothing or if it shows signs of being malignant, you may be able to have the minor operation done on the NHS rather than having to pay at a cosmetic clinic.

Whether you choose to go to a private clinic or have it done on the NHS, an operation to remove a mole or skin tag is very quick. You will have an initial appointment for the surgeon to examine your medical history, look at your mole and discuss the treatment with you. If both you and your surgeon are happy to go ahead you’ll be booked in for the treatment.

Your surgeon will give you a local anaesthetic before removing your unwanted growth with a scalpel. A thin border of the skin around the edge is removed too, to make absolutely sure none of the mole is left. Depending on how deep the surgeon has had to go to remove all of the mole tissue, you will either have a couple of surface stitches or a deeper stitch followed by surface stitches.

In some cases, a practitioner may decide to use a procedure such as electrolysis to remove the mole, wart or skin tag - cryotherapy (or freezing the mole) is also an option.

To have a single mole or skin tag removed, the whole process will often take as little as half an hour and will heal completely within a couple of weeks. You may have a small scar – much smaller than the original mole - or if you’re lucky you’ll heal up blemish free.

After the surgery, if there are any concerns about your mole it will be sent for a biopsy. This is where it is examined in a laboratory to see if it was cancerous or benign.

Is it for me?

If your ‘beauty spot’ is far from beautiful, or if it’s in an uncomfortable place, there’s no real reason to let it cling on. In the hands of a qualified surgeon, mole removal is a very safe treatment that could send you from blighted to delighted in a matter of minutes.

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