Minx Nails

Also known as:

Nail Foils, Nail Wraps

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Have you heard the news? Stylish nails are the accessory du jour and a Minx Nails treatment is one of the best and most effective ways to achieve them. So what design will it be? Do you fancy a statement-making look with patterns and prints? Or will you opt for a classic and long-lasting design to complement your everyday outfits? The choice is yours with Treatwell.

What to expect?

Since landing from sunny California (where else?), Minx Nails have taken the beauty world by storm. As a result, you’ll find most good salons and nail bars offering them in abundance. Your nail technician will start by cleaning your nails and removing any existing polish before giving them a good file. This part is important, as your nails need to be rid of any and all oils before the application. They’ll then give you a basic manicure and apply your chosen nail coating which is where the fun begins! Interestingly, this ‘coating’ is actually more of an adhesive film your technician will, quite literally, stick onto your nails! The sticky part is then activated by heat, which usually comes in the form of your salon’s UVA lamp. If you’ve ever had gel nails, you’ll know what we’re talking about. The heat allows the Minx film to fit on any nail size and shape and that’s you (and your amazing new nails) good to go!

Know before you go

  • If you have soft or weak nails, Minx Nails may not be for you. Check with your nail technician before you get started.
  • One of the perks of Minx Nails is the choice of hundreds of creative patterns and lively prints to select from. But you can also opt for a more classic, office appropriate look, too. Simply take your pick.
  • If you lead an active lifestyle, you can expect your nails to ever so slightly wear after a week or so of housework, typing, exercise and the like. On average, they last around two weeks.
  • That being said, Minx Nails last much longer as a pedicure, with many people keeping theirs for 6-7 weeks, making them perfect as part of your pre-holiday beauty regime.
  • The treatment itself is pretty quick, as there’s no drying time required and technicians can achieve eye-catching looks without the lengthy application time.
  • Bubble bath lovers, rest assured. Minx Nails are entirely waterproof so you can go about your everyday business without worrying about smudging or water damage.

The sciencey stuff

If you're wondering what exactly Minx is, look no further. In short, it's a solid film with an adhesive backing that is activated by heat. The heat plays its part by allowing the film to comfortably fit over the curve of a nail, allowing it to be securely sealed to the nail bed.

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