Minx Nails

Also known as:

Nail Foils, Nail Wraps

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Nail the sassy look. Stylish nails are the new accessory - it’s hard to spot a red carpet event where they don’t appear en masse. Aside from the futuristic, metallic look made famous by the likes Lady GaGa and Rihanna, it’s hard not to be drawn by the idea of sporting unique nails with hundreds of patterns to choose from. They’ve even been used as a presidential campaign tool, with several celebrities sporting custom-made Obama nails. Minx Nails are the latest craze to makeover your mitts, with a fuss-free overlay technique that may convert you from your usual buff and polish forever.

How does it work?

Hailing from sunny California (where else?), Minx Nails are nothing more complicated than an adhesive film. The sticky side is activated by heat, be it with a salon’s UVA lamp much like the ones used for gel nails, or even your hairdryer in the comfort of your own home. The heat allows the Minx film to fit on any nail size and shape.

The treatment starts with a basic manicure to remove ridges - the nail must be cleaned of all oils and cream residues before the application. The technician then applies the nail coatings, heats them under a lamp, and presses them lightly onto the nail. A special Minx glass nail file is used to remove any excess, and voila, you’ve got fashion friendly nails in no time.

Is it for me?

Minx nails don’t last that long, so unless you lead a celebrity lifestyle to match your new talons you’ll find your nail coatings may wear slightly after a week or so of housework and typing. The longer your nails, the easier it is for them to start lifting but on average they will last up to two weeks.

Before trying them, you should check your nail shape - the cuticle side of the Minx nails is rounded and can’t be reshaped, so they won’t fit all kinds of nails. Minx Nails offer an original look that won’t look tacky, and are an easy way to try a daring print on your nails without waiting for a technician to create an intricate design.

Good to know

A professional application of Minx nails will not stop you from taking a bubble bath. Although they work on heat, on sealing they become waterproof. Minx nails are great for pedicures - they last much longer on your toes, and they’re guaranteed to leave all your yoga friends cooing with awe.

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