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Microcurrent Face & Body Treatments description

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Tone up with a tingle. Microcurrent is a healing and anti-ageing treatment that stimulates the cells of your face and body using a mild electrical current. Forget those sticky ab-pads; this treatment doesn’t work by flexing your muscles, but by mimicking your body’s natural frequencies. The aim is to get your cells fully charged, fully functional and glowing with health.

How does it work?

Here comes the science bit: to understand how microcurrent works, you need to know about ATP (adenosine triphosphate). It’s the body’s rocket fuel – vital for energy and keeping the cells structurally complete. As we get older, ATP can decrease in our bodies and the collagen and elastin in our cells can start to crumble, leaving us looking tired, wrinkly and saggy.

Microcurrent aims to top up ATP levels by mimicking the natural electrical signals in our cells that trigger its production. Not only does this give the cells more energy to do things like shed waste products, but it can also help to strengthen the structure of your cells, leaving you with skin that’s more even in colour and texture, firmer and less lined.

So, what’s involved in the micro-magic? A typical treatment involves using probes or rollers, which are held against the skin to zap small charges of current. It may sound a little science-fiction, but don’t worry it’s totally non-invasive, nothing pierces your skin and the current doesn’t hurt - though you might find it makes your skin tingle.

A session can last anything from 30 to 90 minutes and the effects are immediate. You should look fresher and revived for days after your very first treatment. This is mainly because the process boosts the circulation to your face – for more elastic, firmer skin between 8 to 12 sessions (2 or 3 per week to start with) are normally recommended. Once your skin has started to glow with health, monthly or bi-monthly maintenance sessions should be enough to keep your skin in prime, peachy condition.

Is it for me?

The microcurrent facial is the darling of celebrity treatments because it can revitalise your looks in double-quick time. If you can stretch to the price tag, you don’t need to be a silver screen beauty to benefit from the effects. The treatments can be tailored to your particular needs – for example if you have dull skin, sun damage, acne, cellulite, calluses, eczema, stretch marks, large pores, scarring or dark circles.

The long-term effects of a full course of treatments are great for ageing skin. So if your jowls are starting to jangle or your once-smooth skin is getting more lines than a naughty schoolchild this could be the treatment for you.

There aren’t any recognised side effects of Microcurrent treatment, but it’s not recommended for parts of the skin that have very recent scar tissue. Also, if you’re pregnant, epileptic or you have a pacemaker, you should steer clear of microcurrent treatment.

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