Metamorphic Technique

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Release your potential. The metamorphic technique is a non-invasive procedure, which aims to help you free yourself from negative energy by drawing on principles of touch that are similar to reflexology. The technique works on the basis that we all hold beliefs about our lives that limit our potential. The gentle touch of the practitioner enables us to release and harness our own creative energy to free ourselves from these limitations.

How does it work?

A metamorphic technique treatment lasts approximately an hour. During this time the practitioner focuses on each foot individually, before moving on to the hands and the head.

Before a treatment you will be asked to remove your shoes and socks and to either sit in a chair or lie down on a couch. The practitioner will then lightly touch the spinal reflex areas of your foot with their fingertips. As in reflexology, certain parts of the foot correspond to different areas of the body. The practitioner moves their fingers over these given points, remaining detached from any specific goal. This allows the client to address the different sensations that come up.

Practitioners report that some clients prefer to relax and even sleep during the experience, whilst others like to talk. It’s up to you which you prefer – we reckon it’s a great opportunity for a quick snooze.

Is it for me?

The technique is suitable for everyone, from pregnant women and children to those with physical illnesses. It can be particularly helpful to those suffering from stress or looking to gain in confidence. Don’t worry if you’re ticklish – practitioners make sure their touch is soothing and gentle, so you won’t get the giggles.

Good to know

The metamorphic technique was devised in the 1960s. The Metamorphic Association was founded in 1979 and the technique has grown in popularity ever since.

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