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Let’s face it, achieving the perfect close shave with no cuts or bumps isn’t the easiest of tasks. Ask any great man and they’ll tell you that staying simultaneously smooth and stubble-free can be a hassle. That’s why, every now and then, it’s worth getting someone else to groom you to perfection. Book yourself some time with the pros…

What to expect?

When it comes to men’s shaving, preparation is key. Your experienced barber or therapist will start your session by applying hot towels to your face for a few minutes. Thanks to the comfortable and calming heat, your pores and hairs will loosen up from under your skin’s surface, making them easier to remove. It’s also pretty relaxing. Depending on what type of treatment you’ve chosen, your skin may also be exfoliated at this stage. Either way, the wet shave that follows acts as its very own exfoliator, removing dead skin cells with each soft sweep of the blade.

Pro tip: never shave against the grain and upwards on your face. If you do, you’ll increase the chance of razor bumps and burn.

Your barber or therapist will apply a pre-shave oil full of natural extracts. You don’t get this kind of special treatment at home over your bathroom sink, hey! As they hold your skin tightly and in place, you’ll feel the blade moving gently over your skin in short, precise strokes. They’ll always begin with the sides of your face, followed by your neck, chin and lip. Once your hair has been snipped, cold water will be splashed onto your face to close your pores. This will also help cleanse your skin and reduce any irritation. Last but not least, you’ll be treated to some intensive moisturiser to leave your skin feeling super soft. Job done!

Know before you go

  • Even if you’re a fan of the bearded look, treating yourself to a professional shave every now and again will help strengthen your facial hair and is vital for healthy skin.
  • Did you know shaving regularly keeps the skin on your face looking younger?
  • Pro tip: never shave against the grain and upwards on your face. If you do, you’ll increase the chance of razor bumps and burn.
  • Following your treatment, sufferers of sensitive skin may experience some very minor razor burn. Luckily, this is highly unlikely and nothing that won’t clear up quickly.
  • If you’re lucky, you may even have get a quick neck and shoulder massage as part of your treatment.

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