Magnetic Therapy

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The natural way to kill pain. Magnetic therapy is a form of alternative therapy using specially designed magnets on various parts of the body. The magnetic fields produced by the magnets penetrate the body, improving blood circulation, which can have positive health benefits including post surgery healing, pain relief and insomnia. It remains a mystery over how the magnetic fields do this, but many who have tried magnetic therapy have praised the treatment as a beneficial and natural form of pain relief.

'''How does it work?'''

Healthy circulation in the body is important in maintaining good health as it distributes oxygen around the body and clears the waste that leads to illness if left to build up. Magnetic therapy is said to trigger faster blood circulation when magnets are applied in a specific area of the body. The magnets set off the positive and negative particles in the blood, and circulation then flows faster allowing more oxygen to get to the white blood cells which fights off infections and encourages natural healing and pain relief within the body. Patients can wear magnetic bracelets on their wrists and ankles constantly, magnetic supports for the back or apply magnetic creams to the affected area.

Many believe that using magnets can significantly ease migraines, back, leg and neck pains, depression, arthritis, period pains and rheumatism. It is also said to have effectively provided pain relief after sports related injuries.

'''Is it for me?'''

Magnetic therapy has no side effects and the World Health Organisation has classified the treatment as safe, but as a precaution, the following people are advised not to use this treatment:

Pregnant women People working with high voltage machinery *People fitted with pacemakers, implants and other medical devices.

'''Good to know:'''

Magnetic Therapy has been around for centuries – Cleopatra would place magnets on her head to help preserve her beauty; Elizabeth I used the treatment for her arthritis, and former US President, Bill Clinton has magnetic therapy for backache.

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