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Lift, volume and length – the holy trinity of show-stopping eyes. One 45-minute treatment promises to deliver all three, without the need for extensions or falsies. If you’ve always desired Bambi-like lengths (without the need for maintenance), you may want to look into LVL lashes.

How does it work?

LVL lashes is a chemical eyelash straightening and lifting treatment. It may sound scary, but it utilises a milder solution than [[/treatment/eyelash-perming/|lash perming]] and involves flat eyelid shields (rather than cylindrical rods), which makes it a more comfortable process.

At the start of the treatment, the therapist will remove any residual make up and oils from your lashes, before placing a soft fabric guard over your lower lashes to hold them out of the way.

Next, you will be asked to close your eyes on top of the shields and after combing through your upper lashes, the therapist will apply a small silicon pad to each of your lids, keeping them as close to your lash line as possible. You can choose from three different levels of lift – small, medium or large – and this will affect the thickness of the pad used.

Your lashes will then be fixed to the shield with a gentle glue, in order for the lifting gel to be accurately applied along their entire lengths. The therapist will dab the adhesive across the width of the shield, before lifting sections of your lashes up and pressing them onto the solution with a rounded plastic tool. At this stage, they may also separate the lashes stuck to the shield at a more individual level using a delicate metal comb.

Once all your lashes have been attached to the silicon pad, a lifting balm or gel is carefully applied to the roots of the lashes. This is left on for ten minutes, in order to allow the hairs to take on their new lifted angle. When this time is up, the gel is removed and a neutralising solution is applied across the same area to end the re-shaping process. This second liquid is left in place for five minutes, before being removed from root to tip. Throughout both of these processes, your lashes will remain adhered to the lid shield.

The final stage of the LVL process is the application of a tinting crème, which enhances the depth of your lash colour. After being left for a few minutes, this will also be removed, before your lashes are coaxed off the silicon backing using a conditioning serum. A final comb through follows and the lower lash shields are removed, completing the treatment.

Is it for me?

If you want to open up your eye area and are fed up with grappling with an eyelash curler every morning, then this semi-permanent alternative may be for you.

The lift effects of LVL lashes last for approximately six weeks, so if you primarily use mascara to gain definition and to hold curl, the results may provide just what you are looking for, with very little effort. You can apply mascara and eye makeup following an LVL lashes treatment, however, if you have sparse lashes and are looking for a dramatically longer and fuller look, you may get on better with [[/treatment/eyelash-extensions/|eyelash extensions]] or [[/treatment/lashdip/|LashDip]].

Good to know

The average person has 100 lashes on their bottom lids and 200 on their upper lids.

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