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It’s your turn to shine. Finding it difficult to get rid of unwanted fat? Lipo-light is a non-invasive method of shifting excess pounds and sculpting the body. Harnessing the power of LED lights, this procedure strengthens the skin’s collagen and elastin resources, toning the body and helping to achieve inch loss. Looks like it could be time to light up your life...

How does it work?

Does the idea of going under the knife scare you? Lipo-light is a non-surgical alternative to [[treatment/liposuction/description/| liposuction]] – fighting the flab without pain or downtime. Your practitioner will use LED lights to shrink the fat cells in your problem areas, as well as stimulating the lymphatic system to allow for efficient drainage.

Lipo-light is good for those who are impatient and looking for a quick fix alternative to the gym – results can be seen after as little as one session. However, most practitioners suggest a longer course in order to really achieve your dream figure.

Is it for me?

Lipo-light is best suited to those who stay in shape and eat well but who struggle to shift excess inches from certain stubborn areas. It is not a suitable solution for those looking to achieve dramatic weight loss – if this is your goal, it’s a good idea to consult your doctor to find a treatment that’s right for you.

Good to know

There’s no need to worry about other cells getting damaged – lipo-light specifically targets fat cells, leaving the tissue around then intact. Phew!

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