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Get in line. Line dancing is a form of group dance in which people arrange themselves in rows and perform the same series of steps at the same time. It’s a great way to give the body a good work out – and the really good news is you’ll have so much fun that it won’t even seem like exercise.

How does it work?

If you are a beginner your instructor will start by teaching you basic steps such as the grapevine and the weave. You will then be able to progress at your own pace until you’ve mastered all sorts of routines and can perform them in time with everybody else. Line dancing is performed to lively music, so you can expect lots of great tunes to get your feet tapping and your hands clapping – get ready to unleash your inner dancer!

Is it for me?

Line dancing can be enjoyed by both men and women and is suitable for all ages. Classes are offered for people of varying abilities (from complete beginners to seasoned line dance fanatics) meaning that there’s something available to suit everyone.

As line dancing is always performed in a group, it can be a great way to meet new people and is particularly suited to sociable types who want to make friends as well as stay fit.

Be prepared for a class to be rather lively – this form of dance may not be suitable for people with certain injuries or for women in the later stages of pregnancy.

Good to know

Line dancing is heavily associated with country and western music and dance, but it also bears a number of similarities to folk dancing.

The Macarena is probably the world’s most famous line dance thanks to the 1995 hit song of the same name.

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