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Feeling kept in the dark? In order for our bodies to function properly, it’s vital for us to get enough light. Insufficient exposure to sunlight can disrupt our bodies’ natural rhythms, leaving us unable to overcome certain health problems. Upping your intake of light is a good way to get your body going again and banish troublesome symptoms – so that you are left feeling bright and breezy. We reckon that’s a good excuse for a holiday somewhere sunny...

How does it work?

Light therapy involves exposure to artificial light, usually in the form of a light box. The light source emits a bright, broad spectrum light, designed to simulate sunlight – so that you can have sunshine in your home even when it’s grey and gloomy outside.

In order to benefit from the therapy, you will need to sit at a suitable distance from your light box. It’s important to sit close enough to the box for body to absorb enough light, but far enough away that it doesn’t damage your eyes. Experts recommend exposing yourself to the light box for approximately half an hour at a distance of 25cm, or one hour at a distance of 50cm - it might not be as fun as a trip to the Caribbean, but it will fit into your schedule much more easily.

It’s important not to stare directly into the light, as the glare could damage your eyes – so stay on the safe side and protect those peepers.

Is it for me?

Light therapy may help to treat:

Insomnia Jet lag Lupus disease Bulimia Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Depression *Prolonged menstrual cycles

Unfortunately, light therapy is not suitable for everyone. If you have an eye condition, a skin condition that is affected by light, diabetes or hypertension, make sure you consult with a doctor before you undergo light therapy.

Good to know

We’re sorry, but sitting in front of your desk lamp just isn’t going to cut it. The average light in an office or at home rarely exceeds a strength of 500 lux, whereas a half hour’s exposure to a light box at a distance of 25cm produces 10,000 lux – wow.

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