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Put your best foot forward. If you want your exercise regime to have a little more cha-cha-cha, then why not make like Alesha Dixon and try Latin dancing? An incredibly social (not to mention flirty) form of dancing, Latin dance is perfect for those who love to meet new people. It can also improve your posture, increase your energy and confidence levels as well as burning more calories than most forms of exercise.

How Does It Work?

Latin dance has two meanings: the first describes all dance styles that have originated from Latin America and the second refers to the form of ballroom dancing it takes. Most Latin dance classes will teach you the latter, where you’ll be paired with a partner and taught the steps of five Latin dances: the rumba, the samba, the paso doble, the jive and of course, the cha-cha-cha. A dramatic and sensual form of dancing, Latin dance works best when performed to fast paced and sultry music (think Shakira and J.Lo). It’s perfect for those new to dancing as everyone starts from the very beginning. Your teacher will show you the basic steps of the dance and each lesson will get more complex. Before you know it you’ll feel confident enough to ask anyone to join you for a spin around the floor.

Is It For Me?

Latin dancing is suitable for people of all ages and of all fitness levels as everyone learns the same way. It is easy to feel intimidated after watching the fast paced moves you see on the TV, but you must remember your teacher won’t throw you in the deep end straight away and will start you off slowly. It may not be ideal for those wishing to lose weight quickly but it’s perfect for those wanting to improve their fitness levels without having to work too hard. Men tend to shy away from this form of dance, picturing glitter balls and midnight blue spandex suits but actually the male role in Latin dance is extremely masculine, as their role is the leader in the dance partnership. It’s also a great way to spice up a relationship if as a couple you fancy trying something new to do in your spare time.

Good To Know

Latin Dancing is not just performed to old fashioned music but is adapted to fit into today’s modern songs - Alesha Dixon cha-cha’d her way to be the most famous winner of Strictly Come Dancing to Beyonce’s Crazy in Love single.

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