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Beauty may only be skin deep, but sometimes you need to peel back those layers before you can uncover a vibrant new you. While nature has its part to play in aging the skin, so too does the environment and when the collagen beneath our skin starts to work overtime to keep up with everything life throws at it, it’s not long before wrinkles start to appear and surface damage and pigment discolouration emerge out of nowhere. That’s when Laser Resurfacing can step in to save the day. By removing the upper layers of skin on your face using a laser, fresh new skin is revealed reducing all those signs pointing to the fact we might not be quite as youthful as we once were.

How it works

Laser Resurfacing is usually done under a local anaesthetic so you’ll still be aware of what’s going on around you and you’ll be able to observe the effects immediately. Before the treatment begins, your face will be cleaned thoroughly to remove any dirt, dust and make-up that may have found its way onto your features! Your surgeon will then begin directing an intense laser beam of light onto the area you want treated. This beam destroys the outer layer of skin but at the same time, because the laser also heats the underlying skin, it stimulates the growth of those precious collagen fibres. As the wound heals, new skin forms that is silky smooth and a whole lot firmer and tighter.

A particularly effective treatment for those tricky to reach, delicate areas around your lips and eyes, doctors have more control over where the lasers are directed and how deep the treatment penetrates the skin which allows them to target pesky problem areas in a jiffy.

The procedure lasts from a few minutes up to an hour depending on the treatment area and generally won’t require an overnight stay meaning you can go home to the comfort of your own bed after your wrinkle removing experience.

Following the treatment, you and your new layer of skin should be fully recovered and fighting fit within 7-10 days. At first, the treated areas will need to be kept moist with an antibiotic ointment, sunblock will need to be applied and you’ll need to refrain from making excessive or exaggerated facial movements so rollercoasters, gurning competitions and sports spectating might be off the cards for a while. After the first week, you can start to wear make-up and your new pink skin will soon fade back to your normal tone but will be free of any anomalies that were hampering your fleshy features before the procedure.

Is it for me?

Laser Resurfacing can be used on the face, neck, chest and hands and is most commonly used to remove wrinkles, tighten the skin, even out pigmentation, smooth rough skin and improve the appearance of scarring, age spots or sun damaged skin. However, because laser resurfacing can cause changes in your skin’s pigmentation, the procedure is not normally recommended for people with dark skin.

Good to know

Results will vary from patient to patient depending on age, skin type and condition and it’s always useful to bear in mind that although you’ll see effects after one session, more may be needed to complete the therapy. Also, the treatment won’t stop future wrinkles from forming and lines will re-develop from the natural movement of your face. So unless you want to spend the rest of your life expressionless and looking like you’ve been sucking on sour grapes, wrinkles will inevitably reappear at some point.

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