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Zap those fat cells. If you’ve exercised and dieted your way to your perfect dress size, or you’re already at your healthy weight but have a stubborn area of fat that’s refusing to shift, laser lipo could be for you. If the thought of traditional [[treatment/liposuction| liposuction]] makes you shudder, laser lipo is the latest non-invasive procedure designed to remove unwanted fat from small areas of the body without extensive surgery. The treatment can provide inch loss, skin tightening, [[treatment/cellulite-treatments/| cellulite]] reduction and skin rejuvenation with immediate results – a firm favourite with celebrities.

How does it work?

Laser lipo is a lipo-sculpting procedure created to eliminate unwanted fat from the troublesome areas of the body, be it your tummy, arms or chin. A small incision is made on the area being treated under local anaesthetic and a thin cannula (a 1mm wide hollow metal tube) is then inserted. The laser comes into contact with the fat cells in your body, heats them up and “melts” them down. The melted fat is naturally flushed out through the lymphatic system, or some practitioners offer to suck out the melted fat to speed up and enhance the results. Laser liposuction also promotes collagen production within the skin, helping it to tighten and giving the area a toned appearance.

This procedure is less invasive so only minimal scarring, tissue damage, bruising and pain will occur, and the rate of recovery is very fast. However, a one hour recovery time is recommended soon after the treatment, but normal activities can be resumed the following day.

Is it for me?

Before you begin the treatment, you will be invited for a consultation to ensure that laser lipo is right for you. For most patients it will be, however, this treatment is only a body sculpting procedure and not a weight loss treatment, and people with a BMI over 30 will not be considered as it is designed to work on smaller areas of the body such as the face, neck and arms where stubborn fat deposits are resistant to diet and exercise.

Patients should notice a reduction in fat and a tighter appearance soon after the procedure, but the final results could take up to twelve weeks to become noticeable as your body continues to naturally remove the melted fat from your body. You may also be required to have more than one session, and like all forms of liposuction, the treatment is not cheap, as prices depend on the size of the area being treated.

Good to know

Only highly trained and qualified practitioners can perform the procedure, so do not be afraid to ask for credentials before proceeding.

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