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Forget what you’re thinking about Buzz Lightyear - there’s nothing scary sci-fi about laser liposuction. A less invasive version of traditional liposuction, laser lipo offers visible, instant fat reduction without the need for a lengthy post-treatment stay in hospital.

Traditional liposuction, where fat cells are removed via a strong suction process is an intense and invasive treatment, usually requiring a stay in hospital afterwards - and that’s not to mention, some pretty serious aftercare. This is where laser lipo really shines - it uses a more modern, sophisticated method of fat removal that offers minimal downtime and very fast results. The treatment uses laser to break up the fat deposits, which makes it much easier to then remove fat from the body. Plus, it also has the bonus of not needing any Henry The Hoover nonsense like traditional liposuction. The ‘melting’ effect of the laser on fat makes it ideal for stubborn areas, like the upper back or hips, and it helps to ensure a smooth and even result.

What to expect?

There’s two kinds you might be offered: external and internal. External uses a special laser pad or pen, traced over your skin before the procedure begins, whereas internal uses a laser device on the end of a fibre-optic probe on the area that needs to be treated. Bear in mind, this is still a surgical option, and so it does carry risks - as well as being a bit more than a lunchtime fixer-upper.

This is where laser lipo really shines - it uses a more modern, sophisticated method of fat removal that offers minimal downtime and very fast results.

Generally speaking, the larger the area you’d like treated, the more expensive the treatment will be, but as laser lipo is such a targeted option, it’s great for treating stubborn patches like thighs, arms and tummies. There are risks, such as the treatment changing the appearance of your skin, and leaving a cellulite-type texture on the skin, or stretch marks, or permanent dimpling. As with any surgical procedure, there are the inherent risks of blood clots, infections and allergic reactions.

Good to know

The other benefit of laser lipo is that the heat created by the procedure offers some skin-tightening. Many fat-removal procedures do not tackle the issue of skin left slightly slack or loose after the fat deposits are removed - but the laser used in laser lipo can tackle this and leave the skin more taut and firm.

If you’ve got a bothersome patch that just won’t shift, laser lipo could be the solution for you. Remember to make sure your surgeon is qualified both as a general and plastic surgeon, as per NHS recommendations, and ensure you’re savvy on both the benefits and the risks.

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