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Take a deep breath. The goal of Kriya yoga is self-realisation. Kriya yoga uses breathing techniques and meditation to help transcend the difficulties of everyday life and reach a state of higher awareness. Stressed or unable to focus? This could be just what you need...

How does it work?

Unlike many other forms of yoga, Kriya yoga is not concerned with postures. Instead it focuses predominantly on breath control and the belief that calm breathing creates a calm mind. During a Kriya yoga session your teacher will show you different breathing techniques to calm the body and awaken the mind. They will also guide you on how to meditate - your chance to leave your busy life behind for a bit and find some inner peace.

It is advisable to wear loose clothing for your Kriya yoga class – you don’t want uncomfortable clothes to distract you.

Is it for me?

As Kriya yoga does not involve many poses, it can be practised by almost anyone regardless of fitness or health – good news for those who don’t get on with other forms of yoga.

The following are some of the benefits of Kriya yoga:

Relaxation and calmness Discipline of the body and mind *Increased oxygen in the blood

Good to know

The word Kriya is composed of the syllable ‘kri’ which is Sanskrit for ‘action of the elements’ and ‘ya’ which means ‘soul’.

Practitioners of Kriya believe that the secrets of this yoga can only be passed down by someone who has been initiated into the Kriya lineage.

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