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Time to recharge your batteries. Ki therapy is a unique healing technique, which uses sound and acupressure to give your whole body a super boost of energy. This technique originating from South Korea has an immediate effect, leaving your body feeling as light as a feather and your head feeling clean and clear. It is great for relieving stress, fatigue and physical pain. The treatment is based on similar principles to acupuncture but without the need to become a human pincushion.

How does it work?

We all have Ki energy existing in our body and like blood, it flows throughout our body but often stress, pain, tiredness, negative emotions or illness can cause imbalances which restricts the natural flow of Ki energy.

Ki Masters have been trained to restore balance and harmony throughout the body by opening major energy pathways, removing toxins and recharging the body with vital Ki energy by pressing on certain points of the body. The opening of major energy pathways allows the energy to flow freely to all organs and cells in the body, as well as increase blood flow which has many beneficial effects on many health conditions.

Many people have said that after one session they feel as if a huge tonne of bricks have been lifted off them. Their mind feels clear and relaxed while their body feels more awake.

The treatment can be received fully clothed and takes roughly twenty minutes to complete, however this can vary if the person being treated suffers from chronic health problems.

Is it for me?

These days, with long working hours, stress, fatigue and physical pain, people are increasingly low in energy. Ki therapy is the treatment used to relieve these symptoms, so that people can enjoy better health.

Ki therapy is also excellent for relaxation of muscle tension, enhancement of vitality, improved immune system function, increased blood circulation, promotion of lymph flow, improved breathing, digestion and elimination, restored flexibility, and harmonisation of body, mind and spirit.

So whether you're suffering from any of the above or just looking for a relaxing alternative therapy, then it's time you found the Ki to well-being.

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