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Show us your best jazz hands... Actually, there’s more to Jazzercise than first meets the eye. Not only does this fast-paced fitness class include elements of [[treatment/jazz-dance/| jazz dance]], but it also incorporates aspects of [[treatment/street-dance/| hip hop]], [[treatment/yoga/| yoga]], [[treatment/pilates/| Pilates]], [[treatment/kickboxing/| kickboxing]] and [[treatment/strength-training/| resistance training]]. Designed to increase stamina, burn calories and strengthen core muscles, when it comes to Jazzercise, one thing’s for sure – no slackers need apply...

How does it work?

Jazzercise is an hour long exercise class, performed in a group setting. Borrowing from a variety of different disciplines, the Jazzercise approach combines a variety of techniques to really tone those wobbly bits and help beat the bulge. Give it all you’ve got and you could burn as much as 600 calories in one session...

A Jazzercise workout aims to sculpt and tone muscles by alternating dance-based [[treatment/cardio-training/| cardio moves]] with resistance training and [[treatment/stretching/| stretches]]. You’ll be shown how to warm up properly before having a go with some hand-held weights and shaking your stuff to the latest in sizzling music. The great news? Not only will you be helping to keep your body nice and healthy, but you may even pick up some slick new moves to use on a Friday night – always an added bonus.

Is it for me?

Jazzercise classes are open to everyone, no matter what their age, size or ability. Total beginners can relax in the knowledge that the steps are simple to master – good to know if you find the idea of donning your dancing shoes a bit daunting.

Not only is Jazzercise a good way to keep in shape and get that heart rate going – thanks to the group setting, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded people and let off steam after a busy day.

Good to know

Jazzercise was originally founded in 1969 by aerobic dance teacher Judi Sheppard Missett. The class was developed almost by accident as a fun break during a traditional jazz dance class – after which it took off, thanks to its enormous popularity.

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