Jacobs Ladder

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Step it up. The Jacob’s Ladder is a cardio machine designed to give you a thorough workout without placing any strain on vulnerable joints. It can be used to work out both the upper and the lower body, increasing fitness and developing core strength – and it’s lots of fun too.

How does it work?

The Jacob’s Ladder operates in a similar way to a treadmill, except that the user climbs upwards instead of running. The Ladder consists of large built-in rungs that place the user at a 40° angle as they climb, protecting the spine and improving posture – so you can finally get rid of that slouch.

The machine is self-paced, so if you speed up, the machine speeds up – and if it all becomes too much the machine will slow down to ensure you aren’t over-worked.

Is it for me?

Exercise using the Jacob’s Ladder is low impact on joints, meaning that the machine may be particularly useful for anyone who has back pain or knee, ankle and hip problems. It’s a good alternative to other cardio equipment such as a treadmill, which can aggravate joint injuries.

The Jacob’s Ladder was originally designed with athletes and fitness professionals in mind, although it can be used by others looking for a thorough workout. Using the Ladder will tone your limbs and tighten up your core muscles as well as burning calories – so you can enjoy that mid-afternoon snack without feeling guilty.

People who suffer from motion sickness may find the Jacob’s Ladder a challenge at first, but keep going – your body will soon adjust.

Good to know

A Jacob’s Ladder can cost between £2,000 and £3,000, so you’re probably better off using one in a nearby gym than installing one in your living room.

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