Isologen Process

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Face up to the signs of ageing. The Isolagen Process is a facial rejuvenation technique designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, lines and scars. Using your own collagen producing cells, this revolutionary treatment adds strength and elasticity to your skin – giving you a more youthful complexion. Who said that time travel was impossible?

How does it work?

Your doctor will begin by taking a small biopsy of tissue (only 3mm) from behind your ear. Got a low pain threshold? There’s no need to worry - this will be done under a local anaesthetic, so you’ll be nice and numb. The sample will then be sent off to the Isolagen laboratory, where experts will harvest and grow your collagen-producing cells – ready to help you rejuvenate.

After about eight weeks, the collagen cells will have multiplied by the millions, and will be ready for use. Your doctor will inject the new cells into your skin, where they will begin producing collagen - repairing your skin and helping to iron out those wretched wrinkles.

Is it for me?

Lines making you feel lousy? Scarring affecting your self-esteem? The Isolagen Process might be the answer to you prayers. However, it’s not for everyone: if needles are your nightmare, it’s probably best to stay clear. It’s also important to remember that the Isolagen Process isn’t a quick fix – eight weeks will be needed to cultivate the new cells, and you may need as many as three repeat treatments.

Good to know

Isolagen treatments are long lasting – making them a great alternative to therapies involving animal-derived collagen, which disappears fully over time.

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