Ionic Foot Bath

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It’s an electrifying experience. Ionic foot baths are designed to eliminate toxins from the body and stimulate the immune system. The humble foot bath may also help to increase muscle strength and improve motion in the limbs – who knew?

How does it work?

A session can last for half an hour or 45 minutes, although your therapist may suggest a shorter session to begin with.

At the beginning of the session you’ll be asked to place your feet in the ionic foot bath. A small voltage will then be generated through your body, travelling through your arms and legs and producing positively charged ions in the foot bath. These positive ions will attract the negative molecules of the toxins in your body, drawing them out and in to the water through the pores on the bottom of your feet. You may experience a slight tingling feeling in your leg during treatment – don’t panic! This is all perfectly normal, phew.

In order to keep your body free of toxins therapists recommend that you have a foot bath every 3-4 weeks – although you can have them more often if you’re feeling keen.

Is it for me?

It has been suggested that an ionic foot bath may help to:

Boost the immune system Relieve joint stiffness Aid sleep Improve kidney and liver function *Increase muscle strength

Ionic foot baths are not suitable for those who are pregnant, have a pacemaker or suffer from a heart condition or epilepsy. You should refrain from consuming alcohol, prescription drugs or blood thinners for a few hours prior to treatment.

Good to know

During an ionic foot bath the water will noticeably change colour – but don’t worry, it’s not because your feet need a wash. The change in colour is the result of the interaction between the water and the electric current.

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