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Put your best look forwards. Image consulting is all about learning how to project the most attractive and successful image of yourself in your private and professional life. Men and women can learn how to dress, style and present themselves to put their assets in the limelight and to hide away those parts they’re not so proud of.

How does it work?

If there’s one thing an image consultant will tell you, it’s that anyone can look good and make a fantastic first impression. Whether you need to jazz up your social look or inject some understated style into your business wardrobe, an image consultant will be able to give you professional tips on how to make the most of your natural assets and to create your own trademark style.

Some business image consultants also include advice on business etiquette, public speaking, appropriate grooming for work social events (including make-up for women) and they can even give you tips on skirting the social minefield of a business trip abroad.

A consultation will normally last around 90 minutes, giving you time to cover the basic building blocks of creating a stylish and practical wardrobe. This will normally include a colour consultation, which will provide you with an artist’s palette of colours that make you look bright-eyed and full of life, with advice about those colours which you should avoid at all costs because they wash you out or bring out the wrong pallor in your skin.

Another essential part of an image consultation is to have your face and body shapes analysed (sometimes called silhouette analysis). This will give you the key to choosing clothes that are cut right for your figure and a haircut that suits you too.

Image consultants offer private one-on-one appointments, or can give advice to business or social groups. Those who offer colour consultations will often offer a lower rate if you collect together a few friends – like a Tuppaware party.

Is it for me?

If you think you’re frumpy or not a “people person” some tips from an image consultant could change the way you look at yourself and the way other people see you. Injecting a little colour and style into your look and reassuring you about the best way to behave in tricky situations means that you can feel prepared and more confident - ready to knock people's socks off in any walk of life.

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