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Get your skates on. Ice skating is a popular winter sport that not only gets the heart rate up, burns calories and tones your lower-body, but it’s great fun too. Having become more popular with shows such as Dancing on Ice seeing celebrities hit the rinks, ice skating is certainly the cooler way to get fit and toned.

How does it work?

Ice skating is all about gliding across a frozen surface on bladed boots – easier said than done. Beginners may find it challenging to keep their balance on the slippery surface, but with a little confidence and know-how it doesn’t take long to master keeping upright on the ice. If you’re worried about slipping and sliding all over the place, there are beginners classes running in ice rinks and clubs to help guide you through the basics.

Once you’ve mastered the basics and are up for a challenge, there are other forms of skating you can try your hand (and feet) at:

Figure skating: This graceful and artistic form of skating involves couples or individual skaters performing dance routines in time to music. A series of twists, turns, jumps and flips are performed during routines, so this is not one for beginners. Speed skating: This competitive form of skating sees skaters race each other in a sprint on the ice over long or short distances. Great for upping your fitness levels. *Ice hockey: Field hockey but on ice; two teams battle the other to get a hockey puck into their opponents’ goal whilst on skates. A very energetic winter sport that can get quite brutal at times so definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Is it for me?

Ice skating is not only fun, but it’s a great aerobic exercise that gives you an intensive cardiovascular workout that burns between 250 to 810 calories. Maintaining a constant pace builds up your endurance and increases your fitness levels, and its focus on lower body movement means that ice skating is an excellent exercise for strengthening the muscles in the legs - perfect for toning up wobbly thighs!

From the timid beginner to the avid skater, ice skating has become a physically demanding sport that everyone can enjoy, so why not join the millions of children and adults that take to the rinks all year around - especially during the Christmas period –and unleash your inner Torvill and Dean?

Good to know

Ice skating was created in Scandinavia over four thousand years ago – surely we should be pros by now?

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