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If you’re looking for a quick fix solution to help you shift stubborn inches of fat, i-Lipo is the perfect answer: a pain-free, non-invasive alternative to liposuction it uses low energy laser beams to break down fat cells. This breakthrough treatment sees immediate results, with absolutely no down-time. Sign us up!

Great for localised fat reduction, smoothing cellulite and all-over body contouring, i-Lipo is a revolutionary new treatment that provides a non-invasive laser lipolysis solution. Backed by physicians worldwide and multi-center clinical studies, i-Lipo is designed to help tone and shape particular areas of the body painlessly, as opposed to invasive and painful forms of surgical liposuction. Because of this, it’s perfect for people who are looking to eliminate small areas of stubborn fat that are not budging through diet and exercise alone.

How does it work?

The i-Lipo device is designed to emit low energy laser beams into your skin, which help to break down the fat cells underneath and stimulate the body’s natural process of releasing fatty acids and glycerol into the bloodstream. The laser in the device alters the cell’s chemistry in the affected area, triggering a release of a special enzyme that breaks down triglyceride molecules into fatty acids and glycerol molecules. The effect of the lasers allows these waste products to then be used by the body’s metabolic system to create energy, while also maximising the body’s lymphatic flow through the stimulation of the nodes in your treatment area.

The best part of an i-Lipo treatment is that there is no down-time and it is totally pain-free.

What to expect?

The best part of an i-Lipo treatment is that there is no down-time and it is totally pain-free. Fast and highly effective, results should be visible straight after the first treatment, with as much as a 2-4cm loss in abdomen circumference occurring after one session alone. For optimum effect, most therapists will suggest that it is best to undergo a course of 6-8 treatments over a month to ensure the fat from the selected area is totally banished. With sessions lasting under an hour, an i-Lipo session should easily fit around a busy schedule.

Good to know

In order to metabolize the newly released fatty acids and glycerol and completely remove them from your body’s fat storage, therapists will always recommend cardio exercise soon after your session is complete. For maximum results, i-Lipo should be paired with regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle to help maintain the results and really keep that unwanted stubborn fat at bay.

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