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Inch your way to weight loss. A pain-free, non-invasive alternative to [[treatment/liposuction/| liposuction]], i-Lipo uses laser technology to break down fat cells - before eliminating unwanted fatty acids through post-treatment exercise. Looking for a quick fix solution to help you shift those stubborn few inches? This could be it...

How does it work?

Fed up with your love handles? The clever i-Lipo device emits low energy laser beams, which break down fat cells - causing them to release fatty acids and glycerol into the blood stream. These waste products can then be used by the body’s metabolic system to create new energy (well, like your grandmother always used to say - waste not, want not). Worried that you won’t burn off the excess fat? i-Lipo treatments are always followed by a session of [[treatment/cardio-training/| cardio]] – so get ready to break a bit of a sweat.

Time for the part you’ve really been waiting for... Results should be visible straight after the treatment, with as much as 2-4cm loss in abdomen circumference occurring after one session. However, for optimum effect, it’s best to undergo a course of eight treatments in four weeks. Luckily, sessions don’t last too long and you can go about your daily life as normal afterwards – so it shouldn’t be too difficult to squeeze this treatment into your schedule.

Is it for me?

i-Lipo is designed to tone and shape particular areas of the body, rather than to achieve dramatic weight loss. If you’re trying to shift some stubborn inches that won’t budge through diet and exercise, then i-Lipo is ideal – however, if you’re aim is to drop a few dress sizes, you’ll need to find a different treatment.

Good to know

i-Lipo achieves similar results to surgical liposuction and ultrasound techniques – and is generally more affordable.

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