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Little bit of exercise; BIG results. Have your attempts at trying extra hard to drop those last few pounds failed? Hypoxi Therapy is a fat burning treatment that eliminates cellulite and burns fat through the combination of gentle exercise and low atmospheric pressure.

It uses the absolutely genius idea of making sure that the fuel used during the gentle exercise is from stubborn fatty parts of the body. This is most probably the only time where having a little extra padding is an advantage!

How does it work?

The only natural way of burning fat is exercising the muscle and with Hypoxi Therapy you are just combining the gentle cycling and vacuum therapy from the below the waist to produce a fat burning treatment. Why the vacuum, you ask? It increases blood supply and encourages circulation to cellulite and areas that are prone to putting on weight - hips, thighs and buttocks. Clever, eh?

Concentrated fat (stubbornly clinging to the bits of you sitting in the machine) breaks down in the cellulite prone areas as a result of your increased circulation and blood supply. Without the Hypoxi trainer (the machine used), these areas would never be the first places to be targeted. Scientific geniuses have found that women can lose three times more on their thighs using Hypoxi Therapy compared to normal fat burning training and exercise. For us simpletons, that means regular use of the therapy can result in an average loss of one dress size a month! Skin in areas can also look more youthful. Where do we sign up?

It is best to wear a casual t shirt, loose tracksuit bottoms and trainers. You then put on a neoprene 'skirt' or vacuum blanket which provides an airtight seal around the pod. Pedal on the exercise bike for thirty minutes whilst the skirt forms creates a vacuum below your waist and and let the pod work its magic!

Is it for me?

Hypoxi Therapy does not require any particular fitness levels as the individual’s heart rate is monitored constantly, meaning that it can be carried out at a very low heart rate if necessary. However, those who are pregnant, at risk from thrombosis, suffering from any major illness, inflammation or infection had better sit this one out.

Good to know

Hypoxi Therapy was developed by Austrian Sports Scientist, Dr Norbert Egger in response to his clients’ needs. Dr Egger drew on his 20 years of experience studying weight loss and lipodystrophy, the defective metabolism of fat under the skin, in order to create the first vacuum exercise pod.

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