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Take a deep breath. HypnoBirthing is an education programme that teaches self-hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques to help manage the stress and pain associated with childbirth. Attending a few classes will help you learn how you can control your own birthing experience – allowing you to relax and concentrate on the excitement of having a new baby.

How does it work?

A HypnoBirthing course typically includes five weekly classes, each lasting for about two and a half hours. Classes are usually taught in a group to allow couples to provide support to one another, but they can also be run privately on request – good news if you are a little shy in group settings.

Classes should ideally be started between 25-30 weeks, to give you a chance to complete the course before you are due to give birth. If you decide you are interested in HypnoBirthing later on in your pregnancy, discuss with an instructor to see if they think you have enough time.

It is important for you to attend your HypnoBirthing classes with your birthing companion. Your birthing companion can be your partner, mother, sister or friend – anyone who is willing to help support you through the classes and be present at the birth.

During classes you will learn a variety of techniques to help relax you and dispel fears about giving birth, as well as to help you control your pain when the time comes to deliver your little bundle of joy. Your teacher will explain how you can use breathing techniques, massage, different positions and visualisation exercises to make giving birth an altogether calmer experience – good news for you and your baby.

Is it for me?

Having a baby doesn’t have to be scary. If you are anxious about giving birth, have experienced traumatic labour in the past or want to avoid an over-medicalised birthing experience, then HypnoBirthing could be the solution you are looking for.

Hypnobirthing is suitable for first time mums as well as those who have previously given birth. Once you’ve completed a HypnoBirthing course, the skills you have learned will be with you for life – so you can use them in any future pregnancies you may have.

All the techniques used in HypnoBirthing are completely safe – so there’s no need to worry on that account. You will also remain completely awake and alert – no ‘you are feeling very sleepy’ here.

Good to know

The success of the HypnoBirthing classes will depend on how much time you put in practising the techniques you are taught – so make sure you do any homework you are set!

Although HypnoBirthing techniques are designed specifically to help you during childbirth, you can also apply them to other stressful situations in life to help you stay nice and calm under pressure.

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