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Hydrotherm Massage description

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Relax and float away with a Hydrotherm massage. If you’ve ever had an otherwise perfect massage ruined by that irritating face-squishing feeling, you’ll love the idea of Hydrotherm.

How does it work?

Pitched as the most important addition to massage therapy since the foldable bed, Hydrotherm features two water filled cushions heated to a constant temperature of between 30 and 40 degrees. And the other big difference? You lay on your back the entire time. That’s right. No more walking out of a treatment room, bumping into that fantastically sexy massage therapist… and then remembering you have an enormous red ring around your face.

The cushions allow your therapist to move their hands around your body without you ever having to flip over (which also means no more awkward towel manipulations), resulting in a unique three-dimensional, uninterrupted motion. The pressure on your back is also applied upwards, rather than downwards, therefore making use of your body weight as part of the massage. The warmth of the water is perfect for soothing painful areas, allowing the therapist to work deeper and more effectively without causing you to cry out in agony.

It’s a holistic treatment that affects your whole body. Even if you’re simply having a shoulder massage, the heat will improve circulation and encourage the removal of toxins in the body. And, if you’re a fan an aromatherapy massage, Hydrotherm will improve the absorption of essential oils.

Is it for me?

Yes, even just as a nice change from your normal massage. It’s perfect if you can’t lie down on your front, such as during pregnancy or if you have impaired mobility. In addition, Hydrotherm massage is also said to help with:

  • circulation
  • easing muscular aches and pains/stiff joints
  • arthritis
  • stress relief

Good to know

Hydrotherm is also beneficial for your therapist, reducing the strain put on their fingers and wrists.

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