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Honey Massage description

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You won’t bee-lieve what a honey massage could do for you. Honey has been a staple on the good-for-you list for a while now – even making the upgrade to ‘superfood’ a few times (these nutritionists are fickle types) – but have you started including honey in your beauty regime yet? If not, a honey massage is said to nourish skin, reduce wrinkles and – the holy grail of skin treatments - zap cellulite.

How does it work?

The reason why there’s such a buzz around honey is because it’s simply packed full of vitamins and nutrients that are said to have endless health benefits. The specific vitamins contained within the honey are dependent on where the bees have actually collected the nectar from, but generally you can expect to stock up on your B and C vitamins, along with the minerals calcium, copper, iron and magnesium – to name but a few. Importantly for skincare, honey is also a natural humectant – meaning that it encourages the retention of water, keeping your skin softer for longer.

There’s one drawback to a honey massage – it’s not exactly the most relaxing of procedures. Imagining having warm honey gently massaged into your skin as you lay back listening to whale song? Think again.

The honey will be applied to your skin and massaged in a normal way until it becomes gluey, at which point the therapist will use a unique clapping technique until their hands no longer stick to your skin, which gets more and more difficult as the tension from the honey increases. If done properly, white pellets should appear on your skin containing the toxins that have been released from your body. The honey is then washed off with warm towels and a moisturising cream is applied.

The treatment can last from 15 minutes for a problem area to up to an hour for a whole body massage.

Is it for me?

Honey massage is said to be beneficial for:

  • eliminating cellulite
  • improving blood circulation
  • skin clarification
  • treating/preventing headaches
  • sleep disorders
  • improving immunity

After a full course of treatment the body is also said to decrease in size by 2-3cm. All sounds fantastic, but bear in mind that some sections of the honey massage will be painful and may sting – so if your pain threshold is bee-sized, it’s probably best to give this one a miss. Honey massages should be avoided by those suffering from varix dilatation, trombophlebitis, allergy, asthma, tumour masses, thyroid function abnormality, some dermal and venereal diseases and AIDS.

Good to know

Honey massage was used in ancient Tibet, where healers were well aware of honey’s unique ability to absorb toxins.

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