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Hollywood Waxing description

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Summer is here so it’s time to slay those stragglers. We all know what it’s like- you’ve buffed and bronzed yourself to glowing, eaten your bodyweight in salad and picked the perfect bikini to give yourself a figure Pamela would be proud of (we can dream...). But horror of horrors, you forgot the dreaded bikini line. Well fret no more because a Hollywood wax will leave you with less body hair than Barbie. That’s four weeks of looking hot (and hairless) with just one wax.

How Does It Work?

A regular bikini wax removes the hair which would show outside your underwear i.e around the ‘panty line’ and the well-known Brazilian wax goes one further, removing all the hair bar a vertical ‘strip’ at the front. The Hollywood takes a no-holds-barred approach, removing every teeny hair to leave you with ultra-smooth skin. This means not a chance of wardrobe malfunction-related embarrassment no matter how itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny (or yellow polka dot) your bikini.

Several kinds of wax may be used:

  • Hot Wax – As the name suggests this wax is applied warm and is the most effective at removing strong or difficult hairs.
  • Cold Wax - This form of waxing uses strips of wax on backing paper. The benefits of this method include being kinder to sensitive skin, however it isn’t quite as effective as hot wax due to its stickier texture.
  • Sugaring- A traditional form of hair removal, sugaring uses a sugar ‘paste’ similar to hot wax in terms of effectiveness but, like cold wax, is thought to be kinder to your skin.

In order to get a clean ‘Hollywood’ look, the therapist will require you to remove clothing from the waist down. They may also ask you to move into several positions to give them the best result including with legs raised or on your knees. It’s important to visit a qualified, professional therapist who will put you completely at ease no matter how silly you may feel.

The paste or wax will be spread on in the direction of the hair growth and then quickly peeled off the opposite way, taking the hair with it. This step is repeated all over and any awkward or in-growing hairs gently removed with tweezers. Any residue will be wiped away to leave you fresh as a daisy.

Is It For Me?

Yes, if you’ve ever watched ‘that’ episode of Sex and the City and wondered what all the fuss is about. If you haven’t waxed before it might be best to try a Brazilian or standard wax first, as newbies can find their skin a little sensitive. Although it may be a little uncomfortable at the time, millions of women can’t be wrong- this treatment really will make you feel comfortable and confident in any ensemble, be it beach, boardroom or bedroom. There’s no uncomfortable re-growth or shaving rash and when the hairs do grow back they’ll be finer and more tapered than before, making them less noticeable. Sometimes we all have to suffer for beauty...

Good to Know

The women of ancient Rome, Greece and Turkey removed all their body hair as a smooth body was considered the benchmark of youth, vitality and beauty. The habit of hair removal fell out of fashion after Catherine de Medici, then Queen of France, forbade her ladies in waiting to remove their pubic hair. Removing body hair underwent a revival with the invention of the bikini with the sixties.

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