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Try before you buy. A hair consultation gives you the perfect opportunity to sit down with your hairdresser and have a proper chinwag about what you want and what would suit you best, before it’s time for the chop.

How does it work?

If your loved ones regularly respond to your requests for their opinion on your new style with the annoying “Oh, have you had your hair cut?”, it’s probably time that you booked a consultation. Even the best of us get stuck in (hair)style ruts, especially after we’ve found a look that doesn’t send us rushing to the nearest store for a hat. But if you discuss exactly what you want with a professional, before anyone comes near you with sharp objects, getting a revamp could give you the confidence boost you’re after – and your boyfriend is much more likely to shower you in compliments (after all, we’ve got to give them a little bit of help).

Some salons offer consultations as part of their standard services and many even offer it free of charge – always a plus in our book. You may have to book a consultation separately to your haircut, or you can request a longer time slot for your normal appointment in order to fit in some decision making time beforehand.

It’s particularly important to book a consultation if you’re colouring your hair for the first time, or planning something particularly daring. Although some salons and websites offer online consultations (generally just a series of questions determining your hair type), this is best done in person as an experienced colourist will be able to judge what will best suit your features. It also means you can have a proper conversation about how the colour or style will fit into your life – how much maintenance it requires, whether it will fade quickly – so you can make sure that you’ll still love it a few weeks down the line.

Another crucial time for a consultation is before your big day. A wedding hair consultation will allow you and your stylist to try out a range of looks, so there’ll be no panicking about whether curls really suit your face shape an hour before you walk down the aisle. Take images of your dress along with you and you can make sure you look stunning from head to toe.

Is it for me?

There’s no reason not to have one! Getting a haircut can be a daunting prospect, but a consultation makes the entire experience much less scary, for both you and your stylist (after all, who wants to have a hysterical, sobbing client on their hands?) And it’s not just for the ladies; men are more than welcome to book in for a consultation before going in for a snip as well.

Good to know

If you’re thinning out a little on top, hair loss clinics also offer consultations to explain surgery options that can improve the condition of your ‘do.

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