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Get your body into balance. Gymnastics dates back to the days of Ancient Greece, when athletes performed a range of different exercises in order to stretch and warm up. Today, artistic gymnastics includes exercises performed on the floor, vault, balance beam, bars and rings – meaning that there’s plenty of variety for those who are easily bored.

How does it work?

Budding gymnasts can try their hand at a variety of different types of gymnastics, performed both solo and in groups:

*'''Artistic gymnastics''' sees both men and women performing exercises using equipment such as the high rings, horse vault and balance beam.

*'''Rhythmic gymnastics''' is usually only participated in by women, and combines elements of both gymnastics and dance.

*'''Acrobatic gymnastics''' is performed to music and sees two, three or four people taking part in interactive routines.

Before a gymnastics session it’s important to warm up thoroughly, as many of the moves involved can place a lot of strain on your muscles. Keep practising, though, and you’ll become so limber that you won’t even have to think twice about touching your toes...

Is it for me?

Gymnastics is an ideal form of physical exercise for those looking to improve their strength, flexibility and stamina. Children can begin the sport from as young as two – however, adults who are old, ill or injured might prefer to look for something a bit less intense.

Good to know

The word ‘gymnastics’ derives from the Greek ‘gymnastike’, meaning ‘fond of athletic exercise’.

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