Grinberg Method

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The Grinberg method, popular in continental Europe, is a method of healing that is holistic in its approach and reputedly amazing in its results. It aims to cure aches and pains by teaching patients about their bodies and bad habits and showing them how to nip them in the bud for a healthier, happier life.

How Does it Work?

The Grinberg method can be a hard one to pin down; none the less, the success stories are numerous. From vanishing childhood scars to re-growing lungs, Grinberg practitioners claim that there is no ailment that the method cannot assist with. At its core, it is about reading bodies and identifying areas of trauma past and present. Grinberg practitioners then teach their patients how to deal effectively with those traumas in order to break destructive patterns and allow the body to heal.

A typical consultation usually begins with a reading of the feet, from where therapists identify areas of concern within the body. A therapist will then treat these areas and work with the patient to find long term solutions to problem if they are recurring. This may sound rather vague and a little 'airy-fairy,' but advocates insist that it is Grinberg’s down to earth nature that makes it so effective.

Is it for Me?

Grinberg looks for the fundamental root cause of a problem: for example, a person may have recurring sinusitis because they screw their face up while using their computer. Diagnosis and treatment can often be as simple as that, however Grinberg also offers more profound results for ailments as seemingly incurable as scars. One patient reported that an abdominal scar, gained during a childhood operation, virtually disappeared under Grinberg as did her digestive problems.

This particular patient’s sessions involved deep tissue massage and personal coaching in order to release the fear they associated with the wound and teach their body that it is was safe to heal. Grinberg is good for anyone that is interested in and open about both their bodies, emotions and habits how these all work with and affect eachother.

Good to Know

Grinberg is often offered as part of surgical aftercare in European countries such as Italy, Germany and Switzerland where the method is well known and very popular. Grinberg is not yet widely available in the UK, currently there are only six practitioners nationwide; however there are plans to increase availability in the very near future.

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