Gravity Training

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Gravity training is the hot new thing in town and with Coleen Rooney et al on the bandwagon, it is set to be the new fitness craze of 2011.

How does it work?

Gravity training is a 30 minute [[treatment/strength-training/|cardio resistance]] class that helps to sculpt and tone the body using just one piece of kit.

The classes are perfect for people who want a full body workout, but don't have much time on their hands.This is because with gravity training, you can have a full body workout; from muscular and cardio endurance to improving your strength, agility and flexibility- you can literally work every muscle in your body. Sounds good to us!

If you love Pilates exercises or perhaps want to work out some plyometric moves, gravity training can mimic the specific movements of a lifestyle or sporting activity, so classes will never get dull!

Whether you want to go for more relaxed [[treatment/pilates/|Pilates]] movements or high pressure core training, the equipment has a variable incline that allows you to increase or decrease the difficulty so you can adapt the training level to suit you.

There are four different types of gravity training:

GRAVITY [[treatment/personal-training/|Personal Training]] – both in small groups and one-to-one training.

GRAVITYGroup – Team training to music.

GRAVITYPilates – Pilates movements with mat work and the reformer series.

GRAVITYPost-rehab – Return to exercise from injury.

Is it for me?

Gravity training is suitable for those who want to get fit fast or wish to build up their strength through [[place/core-fitness-training/|core training]]. You may also want to give it try if you want to make the effort to overcome an old injury and get back to optimum fitness and mobility.

Those with more serious, longstanding back problems would be advised to avoid gravity training and pregnant women should probably give it a miss too.

Good to Know

Tom Campanaro developed the first Total Gym using during gravity training in 1974 and since then, millions have been sold worldwide.

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