Gel Nails

Also know as:

Bio Sculpture Manicure, 

Bio Sculpture Nails

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If you want glossy, chip free nails for up to 2 weeks then gel nails are for you. Often called Shellac or Biosculpture, a gel manicure uses a specially formulated type of polish and a UV lamp to create a long-lasting, high shine, nail effect.

We’ve got a lot to thank the person who invented Gel nails for! Firstly it’s the most effective way to maintain a glossy manicure for up to two weeks and it also means you don’t have to worry about chipping or smudging once you’ve left the salon. The dream. A set of gel nails costs around £30 and should last about 2-4 weeks. Unlike regular polish, there’s no drying time as Gel polish is set under ultra-violet light in a matter of minutes. At this point you can go about your business as normal with no worries of ruining your newly polished nails.

The gel effect is smoother and shinier than a regular manicure/pedicure. It also protects the nails and is ideal for anyone who struggles to hold onto their regular nail polish. The choice of colour is vast so need to worry you’ll be shortchanged on finding that perfect shade of red or that suits you neutral. The only real difference is when it comes to taking it off. This you’ll need to do at the salon where your nails will be soaked in acetone in order to remove the colour.

Gel nails do require regular maintenance. Gel polish is generally not “filled” as with acrylics though the coating can be filed down, painted over with the same or a darker colour and re-cured as a one-off to extend the lifetime by another week or two. Another way to get your gel nails to last longer is to go for a French manicure finish with a clear or natural pink coating. This will be less noticeable than a bold, bright shade when it grows out.

A nightly shot of nail oil will help to keep your polish in good shape and extend the life a little longer. Ask your nail technician to recommend the best one for gels.

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