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Geisha Facial description

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The Florence Nightingale of facials. If you're looking for an innovative facial treatment then this well-publicised trend could be for you. Japanese Geisha are renowned for their clear and doll-like skin, and if you fancy a similar facade then this treatment will reveal rejuvenated skin that's brighter and softer to the touch.

The aptly named Geisha Facial, which made its US debut at Shizuka New York Day Spa, will heal and restore your skin through an ancient remedy used in Japan. The secret is a unique ingredient that sets this facial apart from the all others - or so a little birdie told us.

How does it work?

Nightingales ooze beauty with their streamlined shape, beautiful songs, and apparently, their excrement. Yes, the birds' droppings are the secret ingredient to this beauty treatment. Getting splattered with bird poop is never pretty, but once it's been sanitized and ground into a fine powder, you may be a little more open to its pampering properties.

In ancient Japan, the droppings were found to repair the Geisha's skin when heavy makeup began to take a toll on their once perfect faces. Guanine, a natural enzyme in the waste, helps to heal, retexturize and impart a fresh luster to the skin.

The Geisha treatment follows a regime similar to other facials. The process begins with cleansing and a light extraction of pores, and ends with a light massage and a refreshing mask. However, after the initial cleansing comes a mask made from "uguisu no fun"', which is a ground mixture of sanitized Nightingale droppings mixed with Japanese rice bran to increase exfoliation.

Is it for me?

The Geisha Facial is for anyone who has spent too much time in the sun, needs to replenish their skin from environmental pollution and toxins, or has acne or other skin problems due to too much makeup or mistreatment of the skin. Despite its name, "uguisu no fun" really is fun, and is perfectly safe to use on your face. The droppings are sanitized under UV lights before being crushed into the powder used in the mask.

Good to Know

Even though its made from Nightingale droppings, the mask smells more like the Japanese bran it is mixed with, revealing a natural, organic fragrance. We were quite relieved to hear that...

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