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Hate your halitosis? If bad breath is getting between you and your social life, it could be time to do something about it. Fresh breath specialists use a variety of treatments to blast those bacteria and eliminate odours – leaving customers feeling clean and confident. What a breath of fresh air...

How does it work?

Most clinics providing fresh breath treatments will begin by testing your breath using a halimeter or a saliva test. This helps your practitioner to diagnose whether or not halitosis is present, and to decide how best to treat it. They can then help you to solve the problem, using painless and non invasive treatments, in addition to providing advice on oral hygiene.

Your dental practitioner may need to treat gum disease as the root of your breath problems, or they may refer you to a hygienist to clean the parts of your mouth that are difficult to reach. You’ll also be given detailed advice about nutrition, dental care and products that may be able to help make halitosis a thing of the past. Phew...

Is it for me?

Tried every mouthwash on the market, but still can’t shift that smell? If you suffer from symptoms such as a dry mouth, sour taste on your tongue and bad breath, then fresh breath treatments may be the best way to sort the problem and boost your self-esteem.

A large number of people suffer from halitosis, so there’s no need to be embarrassed. Don’t be afraid to discuss your condition with the specialists – after all, they are there to help.

Good to know

Bad breath can often be caused by a lack of saliva. Find you have stale breath when you wake up in the morning? Eat some breakfast to get that saliva going and freshen you up for the day (but don't forget to brush, too!)

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