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Fish Manicure description

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Sea the difference. First thing’s first, let’s make one thing crystal clear: Piranhas are most certainly not used during this treatment. Zero. Cero. Zilch. In fact, the more ‘civilised’ Garra Rufa fish used to ‘manicure’ your hands are toothless creatures that are designed to nibble only on dead skin. See? There’s nothing to worry about...

How does it Work?

Commonly known as Doctor Fish, Garra Rufa fish originate from Turkey in pools near two small towns, Kangal and Sivas. The nibbling fishes' ability to target areas of crusty and flaky skin to reveal the prettier and healthier skin underneath have made this treatment increasingly popular in places like Asia, Turkey and Europe.

Every salon is different but beauticians typically start off with a warm water soak and hand massage. Of course the usual tranquil sound of flowing water or something mildly faint playing in the background always helps to unwind and relax the body. Next, it’s time for your hands to meet the Garra Rufa fish…

As soon as you immerse your hands in the warm water, the friendly fish will zoom straight into the problem areas, and start running their little suction cup mouths along your hands and fingers to consume the affected and dead areas. According to spa enthusiasts, the whole experience is absolutely painless though a little ticklish.

Apparently 15 minutes is all that is needed to rid three layers of dead skin, to reveal a buffed and rejuvenated complexion - that's pretty good work for your little finned therapists.

Is it for Me?

These special fish are known to benefit those who suffer from skin conditions such as psoriasis. The Kangal spa in Turkey opened in 1988 for a treatment centre for psoriasis because it helps to ease the pain of sufferers.

Of course, the treatment is also ideal for those who desire radiant skin and want to try something a bit more out of the ordinary. Sure, a hand exfoliator and slapping on hand cream may achieve similar results to a Docor Fish hand manicure, but where’s the fun in that?

Good to Know

In some countries, customers are offered Doctor Fish facials and even the whole body experience!

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