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We know you guys out there care about your skin, it's just that you don't really chat about the latest wrinkle creams or herbal skincare remedies whilst having a beer with the boys. You may have given moisturiser a go or grabbed a quick squirt of your girlfriend's cleanser when feeling oily, but there's no need to leave it at that. If your complexion is in need of some maintenance and you want to transform your skin from rough to smooth, don't rule facials out.

How does it work?

Your aesthetician should tailor the treatment according to your skin type (whether dry, oily or combination) and whilst everyone's skin is unique, men generally have a few concerns that are different from those of [[treatment/facials/|ladies]] (including facial razor burn and ingrown hairs). It's also important to take into account the age and sensitivity of your skin and any particular problem areas you might have.

Once your skin has been checked out, you'll lie down in a quite treatment room and relax until it's time to emerge with clean, restored skin. There are dozens of different treatments, but most will start with cleansing using a lotion or exfoliating scrub. You might also have blackheads extracted, a light facial massage, steam treatment, a moisturizing mask or a peel-off treatment to remove impurities, depending on your personal skin needs and the type of treatment requested.

Rejuvenating your gorgeous mug could take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, but we pretty much guarantee that it'll be time well spent. Get ready for all those second glances!

Is it for me?

Facials can be adapted to benefit each and every skin type, so as long as you let the therapist know about your specific requirements at the start of the treatment, you'll be good to glow!

Good to know...

Do not shave immediately before your appointment. Shaving can leave skin feeling tender, sore and especially sensitive to products, so whipping off that fuzz the day or evening before is a much better option.